Business Visa is a temporary multiple-entry visa issued to any foreigner intending to remain in the Maldives up to 90 days in a 12-month period for business purposes.

Standard processing time for Business Visa is 5 to 10 days.

This is an e-service. Applicant or a representative of the applicant is required to apply through

  • Foreign Individual
  • Companies registered under Companies Act (Law No: 10/96)
  • Partnerships registered under Partnership Act (Law No: 13/2011)
  • Cooperative Societies registered under Act (Law No: 3/2007)
  • Sole Proprietorships registered under Sole Proprietorship Act (Law No: 19/2014)
  • Associations incorporated under a law
  • Government or State Authorities
  • Letter stating the purpose of visit
    • Letter from the applicant stating the purpose of the visit
    • Letter signed by the Managing Director of a registered Company, Managing Partner of a registered Partnership, Chairperson of a registered Cooperative Society or Owner of a registered Sole Proprietorship; or
    • Letter signed by the President of an Association established by a law; or
    • Letter signed by an authorized official of Government or state institution
  • Relevant pages of the application that requires applicant’s signature
  • Declaration (You are required to upload signed declaration page to complete the application - please see annex of Business Visa Regulation)
  • Passport Copy (Color Copy of the Bio data page of passport. Passport should have validity of minimum 6 months)
  • Photo of the individual (Color Photo that complies with the photo requirements set out by Maldives Immigration - Photo Standards | Maldives Immigration
  • Travel and Health Insurance (Travel and Health Insurance issued by a licensed insurance company or an insurance company licensed in the Republic of Maldives)

You can apply for Business Visa via our online portal. To use our online portal, you are required to create an eFaas account. Foreign Individuals can create an efaas account to apply for Business Visa. For more information on creating an account, please visit

You are required to pay a visa fee of MVR 750 for every 3 months or part of three months. This is a non-refundable fee.

Once the application is approved, the applicant will be prompted to pay through the business portal.